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We are a fitness consultant company established in 2010 based in FL, USA that provides online coaching services worldwide. 


At MacroFitness we are dedicated to helping thousands of individuals around the globe! And offer affordable online fitness coaching services  to help them transform their lives and become a better, healthier version of themselves!


Our goal is to teach you how to diet and train to build the body of your dreams! And we will be by your side every step of the way, giving you all the dietary and training guidelines to achieve the best results you could ever imagine!


With our guidance you will be working with a coach the entire time. You will have daily and/or weekly interactions with him, in which he will answer all your questions and concerns throughout the program. He will also be in charge of making all the necessary adjustments to your plan so that results are consistently achieved throughout the duration of the service provided. 


We give you the tools and the knowledge, you put in the work!


Our #1 goal at MacroFitness is to provide you with a scientific approach to training and nutrition. A FLEXIBLE DIETING approach that we can back by evidence and real world experience. And more importantly... Without the BS!


We are the official myth busters of the fitness industry! And for the past 6 years we have created a movement that has united thousands around the world with a common goal, a goal that involves results without the pseudoscience!


Its for this reason that we do not sell or endorse any form of "magic pills", "special supplements", "secret protocols" or any such nonsense. We use real science, with real evidence and we provide real results!


Our philosophy is simple... We want to be honest and we want you to learn! Two things that can change your life! We believe that there's no such thing as too much knowledge, and we are committed to teaching you everything you need to know to achieve every single one of your goals!

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