Don't Rush Your Results!

We all want to lose fat right? The problem is that we want to lose it a lot faster than we should. But its this same mentality that usually sets up dieters for disaster. You've probably seen it before, people losing 30-40 pounds in a short period of time. But somehow they rebound and gain it all back again, and then some. It's this reason why I always recommend losing weight at a slower pace. Sure crash diets may give fast immediate results, but what are they doing for your health and long term success? How much of that weight you're losing is actually fat? You don't just want to lose weight, you want to lose fat and keep it off! So be patient! Take your time, lose weight at a slower pace, 1-2 pounds (0.5 - 1kg) per week, maintain carbs high and focus on taking care of your metabolism. This won't only make the dieting process easier, but it will also increase your chances of long term success.

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