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  • Giulianni Giraldo

What 'works' isn't always the optimal route

Its important to understand the difference between what "works" and what's optimal!

Example 1: Half squats work... Squats using full range of motion are optimal

Example 2: Eating intuitively works... Counting macros is optimal

Example 3: Training without a game plan works... Following a structured periodized training protocol is optimal

When it comes to training, virtually anything that involves strength is going to work. But just because it 'works' doesn't mean that it's the best approach to achieve good progress. You have to think about your diet and workouts as a science, something that requires a thorough investigation and analysis that will allow you to understand the different variables that can amplify or hinder your results.

Being successful in this journey starts by looking and understanding the details, knowing how your body works, finding the best approach to dieting for you and knowing how to sustain it in the long run!

That's why I encourage people to seek knowledge, because with the right tools, you can achieve amazing results! So stop wasting your time doing things that just 'work', focus on what's optimal! You may not think this is a big deal now, but trust me, your future self will be thankful for it!

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