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Contents of the eBook

  • Introduction

  • What is proper nutrition and flexible dieting?

  • Where science defies “broscience”.

  • Learning how to read food labels

  • How to calculate your caloric requirements according to your goals

  • How to adjust macronutrient ratios

  • Structured refeeds

  • Breaking plateaus

  • Reaching single digit body fat

  • The Reverse Dieting Protocol

  • Nutrient Periodization

  • Alcohol and bodybuilding

  • Counting macros when eating out

  • Supplement Guide

  • Grocery list

  • Conclusion

  • About the author

  • 100+ Scientific references

This is not just another diet book, this is not another philosophical fairy tail-fear mongering type book that tells you how to achieve spectacular results by following mythical guidelines and “magical” formulas.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone and everyone! Whether you're completely new to dieting and have minimal knowledge ofnnutrition, or if you're already quite knowledgeable but want to further educate yourself, this is for you!

Wether you simply want to diet for health reasons or want to improve in your sport, this is for you!

Whether you train crossfit, bodybuilding, olympic weight lifting, whatever your training approach may be, The Macro Book is for you!


The Macro Book is intended to educate you from the core basics of nutrition. Its about helping you understand what food is, how it impacts your health and how it can completely transform your body if structured correctly with the right dietary guidelines! Its about filtering the myths, dispelling the misconceptions and bringing light to the defining factors that truly matter!


We will not give you a special formula or compel you to buy overpriced supplements that you don’t need. We do not ramble on over philosophical implications, weak hypotheses or overreaching arguments that lead to nowhere…


In this book we go straight to the basics, straight to the practical guidelines to help you structure your diet in a way that can get you results, increase your adherence to the plan and promote health and longevity!


So what do we talk about in this book?


  • We put and end to all the diet myths you’ve ever heard of through science and reason

  • We tell you how you can include all the foods you love into your diet!

  • You will learn how to personally calculate your caloric requirements according to your body composition and goals

  • You will learn how to set up macronutrient targets that will allow you to amplify your results and help you build the body you’ve always dreamed of!

  • You will learn how to read and understand food labels, how to avoid metabolic and hormonal downfalls while dieting, how to set up your own carb cycling plan, how to break through plateaus, how to change and structure your diet throughout the year for different goals, and how to accommodate your diet to your lifestyle instead of changing your entire life for a diet!


There's even a plan to follow after you've reached your goals that will tell you how to sustain the results you worked so hard for!


We also go into details about water intake, vitamins, minerals, alcohol, eating out, supplements and more! 


You will also find a grocery list, creative recipes and over 100 scientific references to support every claim made in this book! Because we don’t want you to think that this is merely an opinionated book, we want you to SEE the evidence and understand what dieting should really be about!

*Only available in ebook format, we do not sell hardcopies

*Download link is provided immediately after making the payment for your ebook

*Download is provided by 'Sellfy', so please make sure to check your email for a message from them, as they are the ones that provide the download link

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Giulianni Giraldo is certified by the ISSA (International sports science association) in nutritional science, specialized in fitness nutrition and a certified strength and conditioning coach with over 10 years of experience. He is the CEO and head coach at Corrupted Fitness, and for over a decade he has dedicated his life to fitness and bodybuilding, helping thousands around the world to better their lives. He is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, a nutritional science educator, a lecturer and nutritional and training consultant for several gyms in his hometown.  He is also the man in charge of our blog and articles on social media (Instagram).


And based on his experience, he has created The Macro Book (The flexible dieting protocol). The complete guide to help you achieve the best results of your life!



This book is 10/10. Everything I needed to know was in here and if I was confused on a subject a quick email with a question had it solved in no time. I am eating over 800 calories then I used to and even losing body fat. It also shows how to enjoy life and put some pleasure food such as pizza or chocolate!


The Macro Book has completely changed how I treat and view IIFYM. The organization and detail put into this book make it easy to understand : what iifym is, the science behind it, how the body responds, how to track and several examples of meals and how-to tips. Every question I could think of was answered in this book. For a year I struggled to be a successful flexible dieter, simply due to lack of knowledge on the subject. Since purchasing this book I am making leaps and strides towards my goals. This book is a must-have!!


Coach Giuls did an amazing job with this book, I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to diet properly. Counting macros is the best way you can go when it comes to wanting optimal results. And the way he describes everything in this book makes it so simple to understand! A great read!


If you have any doubts about dieting, you NEED this book! Its easy to read, easy to understand and it explains everything that really matters about dieting. This book completely changed my life and my understanding of nutrition, and it made everything so much easier! The fact that I now know I can enjoy ice cream every night before bed and still burn fat efficiently, means everything to me!

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