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Fit Woman

A complete 5-week periodized training program designed exclusively

for women


A complete 5-week periodized training program designed exclusively

for men



Forget about the guesswork! Its time to get serious with your training and we're here to give you the perfect guidelines to building that body you’ve always dreamed of!


The Corrupted Fitness Training Protocols are scientific based workout routines meant to guide you through the most optimal path of building muscle, burning fat, improving endurance, increasing strength  and shaping your body in a way that no other training program can!


And why does this program stand out?


Because we utilized periodization with the most recent scientific studies, to build the perfect training program with a hypotrophy oriented protocol. This makes for scientifically proven training programs!!


Get your e-book today! It comes with direct download link after purchase so that you can get started ASAP!


You will also receive any future revisions or updates completely free of charge!


  • The download provider for this program is Sellfy

  • When you purchase a program you will be redirected to Sellfy (The download provider) to make the payment of your e-book

  • These e-books come with direct download links

  • You will also receive a download link at the email you have provided when making the purchase, so be sure to provide a valid email

  • We do not sell hard copies, only e-books are available

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